Travel Insurance.

Feel confident that you have your back covered at all times. In any tour you take, weather this a Guided or Self guided tour, our products include a comprehensive travel insurance package. Please, see below for the details on the package:


Before your adventure

Telephone Psychological assistance

Nutritional and medical assistance

During your adventure

24/7 global assistance

up to US 8000

Medical Expenses due to accident

up to US 4000

Medical Expenses due to illness 

up to US 4000

Medical attention due to preexistent illness

up to US 300

Post Mortem repatriation

No Limit

Medicine Expenses

up to US 600

Emergency dental care

up to US 1500

Medicine Delivery


Hotel expenses due to convalescence

up to US 1000. (100/day)

Companion flight 

flight ticket

Luggage localization and delivery


Complementary compensation for luggage loss

up to US 700 ($40/kg)

Legal assistance in case of accidents

up to US 1000

Bail advance

up to US 8000

Urgent messages transmission  


Founds transfer

up to US 800

Documents loss or thief assistance


Age Limit

up to 70 years old

Territorial validity


After your trip

Medical Orientation due to acquired deseases during your trip

up to 30 days after your trip





Our bikes comply with the mandatory SPPAT insurance (third party and medical), plus, an insurance offered by one of the best companies in Europe operating in Ecuador. Hence, we limit the waiver to a minimum security deposit which will be given back after you deliver the bike.


Furthermore, the motorcycles count with Vinyls and crash bars to limit the damages on them in case worse gets to happen.