⌵ 🏁 THEME: Spondylus

⌵ 🏁 THEME: Spondylus
  • Type: Guided Tour
  • Distance: 1486 km (923 miles)
  • Time: 8 days / 7 nights
  • Road type: 90% Asphalt, 10% Gravel
  • Vegetation: Highlands , Rain forest, Coast line
  • Weather: Mainly warm, Chill on highlands
  • Guide rider: English, Spanish
  • Rate: PG13, Long Ride.


Get ready for an exciting adventure, in a country of many natural wonders and countless treasures. Ecuador is a country with impressive contrasts where high summits merges towards the deep blue Pacific Ocean.

Ecuador has many climate zones, from tropical along coast to cooler and dryer inland at higher elevations; tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands. Ecuador is unusual in the sense that one can choose any climate one wishes by where in the country one travels to, which makes it even more fun on board of a motorcycle. Lying on the equator means there is no summer or winter; however, there are typically wetter and drier seasons. The 'wetter' season is usually between December - June , while the drier season runs from July - November.

On this tour, you will be part of a beautiful merging between the Pacific Coast, the Andes Region and the Amazonas Basin, and you can enjoy this merging. Following the water routes you will transfer from the highlands from the Andes to the whole Coast line, baptized as Spondylus due to colorful shell that leaves all along the pacific Ecuadorean Coast. Enjoy this tour fully thanks to our motorcycles and your riding experience. Using the best hotels and eco-lodges to make this one wonderful life experience.

We strongly recommend you to arrive at least 2 days earlier so you have some spare time to get use to the altitude if need be and also to visit around San Francisco de Quito. It has won 4 Tourism prizes so far and is a city filled with history. From way back when the colonials arrived and founded the city. Bringing their European culture and mixing it with the local natives.

Quito has continued to slowly grow and has evolved from a tranquil provincial capital to a modern metropolis.

Perhaps because it spent so many centuries as a quiet provincial town, Quito's old colonial center is particularly well-preserved. It was one of UNESCO'S first World Heritage sites in 1978. Colonial churches stand side-by-side with elegant Republican homes on airy squares. Ecuador has invested a great deal recently to become a world wide touristic attraction and the results are impressive. Restaurants and hotels are flourishing in the historic city center. Much worth so to be visited.

⌵ DAY-1: Quito - Guaranda - Guayaquil

⌵ DAY-1: Quito - Guaranda - Guayaquil

DAY-1. Quito - Guaranda - Guayaquil

Distance: 414km (257 miles)

We’ll have a briefing in our offices in Quito, where the last paperwork will be filled, gear will be given and tested and the bike of your choice will be delivered. Then, after a quick brief on roads, safety and quick guide, we’ll depart on our way. The departure will be by 9 after all the formalities.

On our first day, as soon as we leave Quito, we’ll start riding towards Guayaquil, el Astillero. This is going to be a long day riding but with rewards in every city we’ll visit. As we ride south in the middle of the volcano avenue, we’ll have the sight of these big colossuses. Starting with Cotopaxi as soon as we leave Quito and the Illinizas sisters (Illiniza North and South).

Riding down towards Guayaquil, the changes in biodiversity will be felt in every kilometer. From our last stop at a city in the highlands, Guaranda where we’ll have lunch, towards the beginning of our Spondylus route. On our way to Guaranda, it’ll be hard to miss the furthest point on earth out in space. Chimborazo with its 6310 mts (20702 ft) above sea level, is also the highest point on earth if measured from the center of the planet. Said this, we’ll go from 4000 meters (13000 ft) above sea level to sea level in less than 4 hours of riding which also means that we’ll leave the Andes region. The changes in contour, colors, people and fauna in general can be appreciated. We’ll make several stops for you to tell this story with memories in your cameras. This will give us enough time to pass over the Guayas river accompanied by a beautiful sunset bathing Guayaquil city, the biggest city in Ecuador. Also the primary port in the country, has a major financial movement and most of the wealth of the whole country seats in the city.

⌵ DAY-2: Guayaquil - Montañita

DAY-2: Guayaquil - Montañita

Distance: 172 km (107 miles)

We’ll wake up with a good breakfast buffet style, recharging our batteries for the fabulous day that awaits us. We’ll depart from Guayaquil towards the north, just besides the Pacific Coast. Our first stop will be few hours later where we’ll visit Salinas. Well known to be the furthest out point of South America in the the Pacific Ocean. La “Chocolatera" (the chocolate maker) is the point where strong currents merge raising the sand from the bottom and giving the water that chocolate color.

This, merged with the water hitting its cliff and being hit by the sun light, bathes the area with rainbows and color filling snapshots. The city is also known to be a major gastronomical point as it has a big influence from Peru as well, mixing flavors in perfect balance.

In “La Chocolatera” there are a small colony of seals that are believed they migrate from the north of Peru. Continuing with today’s riding, we’ll have lunch later on close to the shore. The variety of sea food here makes us feel that no matter what we get for food, we’ll be stuffed and grateful. Most of the serving sizes in the area are quite generous, which will be enough for the hunger that characterize us as motorcycle riders.

Our next stop will be Montañita, known as the party town. Located in Santa Elena, The city promotes the ideas of tolerance, acceptance, and maybe even a bit of rebellion, the perfect environment for a motorcycle rider. Peace signs adorn cars and t-shirts, as does the image of the famed Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. It could be said that Montanita, Ecuador, is a partying town with a surfing problem. Its streets and shores are dotted with bars, clubs, and cabanas serving up the local brews. A centrally-located cliff serves as a great barrier to separate the buzz of downtown nightlife from the more tranquil side of the village. 

Our hotel is allocated in the middle of the town which is small enough to go in a walking distance to everywhere. Surf lessons are included with your motorcycle tour in the afternoon. The waves on this part are gentle enough to learn and depending where you decide to surf, you can opt for a more challenging activity. Once we had a good story to tell, we can head to our single occupancy room to refresh ourselves, followed by dinner and then party.

Sea food as main dish changes along the route, so it worth to treat yourself with this gastronomic experience. Keep this in mind so you won’t miss any of it.  .

⌵ DAY-3: Montañita - Puerto Lopez

DAY-3: Montañita - Puerto Lopez

Distance: 97 km (55 miles)

After a fun night, we can chill at breakfast while we tell the stories of what happened few hours ago. Our motorcycle rentals will be ready to take off to our next adventure, leading us to Puerto Lopez, where an Eco-Lodge that has been decorated by hand for the last 18 years and with exquisite taste will be waiting for us. As we light up a bit after our check in, we can get ourselves ready to visit Playa de los Frailes. Far away from the main roads, and thus not so visited, is a beautiful spot to chill and relax for the day. This beach, by being so close to the equator, enjoys the perfect weather all year long. Its also inside the Machalilla national park which makes it a protected area. All these factors makes the beach a perfect spot for relaxation.

Surrounded by cliffs and white sands, its crystal waters are not known by many tourists. After this lovely afternoon, we can ride back to Puerto Lopez where our dinner will be waiting for us and few drinks at the shacks in the beach. Tomorrow will be a resting day from the bikes.

⌵ DAY-4: Puerto Lopez - Isla de la Plata - Puerto Lopez

DAY-4: Puerto Lopez - Isla de la Plata - Puerto Lopez

Distance: 0km (0 miles).

We’ll have an amazon day ahead of us. After a filling breakfast, we’ll head towards Puerto Lopez main town to take a boat towards Isla de la Plata (Silver island). Some say, the island is called that way due to the amount of treasures that we buried by pirates in the 1700’s. Others, that the island has that particular color due to the silverish tone the rock has due to the bird’s natural needs. Being 50 kilometers away from the coast, one thing is for sure, the island share most of the fauna and flora that you could find in the Galapagos islands. Its 1200 hectares are housing a huge variety of birds, including the blue boobies, hundreds of species of reptiles and mammals. The tour will also include lunch, a walk around different paths in the islands with a local guide and snorkeling activities.

After 1 hour trip by boat, we’ll encounter an island surrounded by sea turtles and all sort of corals and fish schools. They will be approaching to the boat for us to see them. We’ll disembark in the island and next will be to have a walk towards the highest point, where several paths divert to south or west. Regardless the way, many blue feet boobies are nesting near the walking paths. They are not afraid to show their colors nor their offspring to the visitors, and is quite a colorful remark of the beauty in Ecuador.

While we walk, a local guide will explain the reason why its called the silver island, its history and an the ecological conservation of this place and its fauna. After lunch, we’ll go on the boat towards the was side of the island to be able to do snorkeling and delight ourselves with the immense variety of fish and corals around the island.

⌵ DAY-5: Puerto Lopez - Manta

DAY-5: Puerto Lopez - Manta

Distance: 110km (68 miles)

Continuing with our ride going north in the Spondylus, our next stop will be Montecristi. A town known by two things: the crib of Eloy Alfaro, one of the most important revolution figures in our history, and also for the paja toquilla hats, also known internationally as the "Panama Hats”. These last ones can be found in a wide range of prices, from $25 to $15000 dollars. We want you to take one of these as a souvenir of the Spondylus tour.

This small city is also recognized nationally and internationally by its handcrafts, made of mimbre, piquigua, plastic and wood. These pieces can reach prices over few thousand dollars, but is part of their community project to get founds for the town itself.

As we approach to Manta, the second main maritime port in Ecuador, the view of the Pacific Coast becomes every time more impressive. The city’s most famous beach La playa del Murcielago (the bat’s beach) is a block away from our 4 star hotel. Here, you will be able to enjoy the afternoon, either by chilling at the swimming pool or having a walk around town.

⌵ DAY-6: Manta - Mompiche

DAY-6:Manta - Mompiche

Distance: 282 km (175 miles)

As soon as we wake up, it’ll be our delight to have a buffet breakfast to fill our souls with energy again. One curious fact about every city, town and village in the Spondylus route, is that sea food is not prepared the same way. Hence, as we go up north you will feel food differently. With our motorcycle, we’ll arrive today to the last city in our Spondylus circuit, Mompiche, located in the province of Esmeraldas. But first, we’ll pass by Pedernales. A city devastated by the 7.8 earthquake that took place here in 2016. We’ll have lunch here and you will be able to get to know on first hand what happened here and how is possible to help this village.

Mompiche is one of the main beaches in Ecuador, where you get to find anything you might be looking for. Some go there to party, and some other to rest. we’ll visit the south side of Mompiche, characterized by black sand beaches. The infrastructure in this place is minimal, and for that reason we’ll have to walk to reach this beach. Nonetheless it doesn’t stop from being a beautiful walk.

Our single room hotel will be waiting for us to arrive, and dinner will be served at your best convenient hour.

⌵ DAY-7: Mompiche - Mindo

DAY-7: Mompiche - Mindo

Distance: 285 km (177 miles)

We’ll say good bye today to the Ecuadorian coast, not before taking a picture with the motorcycle that has been your best company throughout this epic ride. Make sure the ocean is in the back and you on your motorcycle as a farewell to the Ecuadorian coast.

Already on track, we’ll start climbing the Andes region again and you will feel that heat won’t be on our side anymore, and the humidity will change to a tropical forest type. And to have a proper closing, we would like to show you a bit more of the geographical richness of the country by visiting Mindo. This comfy town will be our last stop in the tour. Its also considered the gateway between the Coast and the Andes. Having the effect of these two climates to enrich its fauna, is considered as the best spot for bird watching and humming birds gathering in South America. There are over 650 species of birds. The Mindo valley is situated inside of the Nambillo protected area. Due to the amount of rivers that crosses it, Mindo is also the spot for activities, being the most popular the zip lines over rivers.

After we check in, our first class Eco-Lodge will have ready your single bed accommodation, and from there we’ll hit town to visit one of the hand crafted quality chocolate store, where they will explain to us the process to get this sweet delight. A second option in this afternoon is to visit the butterfly farm, a place with more than 200 species of butterflies opened to the public.

Once we’re done, we head back to our hotel where a delightful dinner will be prepared by a french chef to call the day.

Day-8: Mindo - Quito

DAY-8: Mindo - Quito

Distance: 98 km (61 miles)

We finalize our tour entering in Quito from the North West, not before be able to see the mitad del mundo (middle of the world). A mystical place where the magnetic field plays naughty and some physical experiments can be done.

A welcome package will be waiting for us at the offices, where experiences will be shared over a cold drink.


Once you have decided to start with this adventure, we give you the tools to enjoy your riding skills and satisfy your adventurous soul with the best motorcycle rental service out there and in a country that deploys all its beauty just for you. We understand that sometimes, specially traveling with your peers, starting your journey from the center of a main city can be quite challenging due to traffic, stop lights and just by being in a different country, hence, we offer you the chance to pick your motorcycle rentals outside of the city where highways merges for all four directions in the country: north, south, east and west, at no cost. We’ll pick you up from your hotel and will take you where your gear is ready.

At your hotel from the airport, drop us a line to arrange the details for the meeting the night before your tour. If you wish to be picked up at the airport for us, we can arrange it to bring you to your hotel in Quito at a cost of USD 50 (back and forth).

In the briefing we will review your tour package and will got through your selected gear. Upon a quick talk on safety, country laws, get to meet your tour guide and goodies about the tour.

Our first day will start pretty early. You will be picked up from your hotel at 7:30. 

Upon the end of your tour, we’ll have a quick talk to know how you liked it, and have a beer along.



  • Ready to roll fully fueled unlimited Mileage Motorcycle Rental with all the toys installed.
  • We do provide you with Helmets (2) and all the riding gear needed, however, we know how comfortable a trip can be with your own gear in hand, specially helmets and boots. Hence, if you prefer to bring your own helmet and boots, we can store them, until the end of your stay in Ecuador so it won’t be a hassle.
  • Multilingual Guide and intercoms with all participants. You will know what you are seeing at all times.
  • GPS tracking system with a panic button on each bike for you to use, and with it, 24 hour assistance from our support center.
  • Single occupancy base in 4 star luxury hotel and eco-lodges.
  • Briefing the day before we start. (here is where your adventure begins).
  • Specified Meals in the tour (breakfast and dinner every day in tour).
  • Bullet proof Travel Insurance. Please visit our insurance page for details: www.ecuadorbikerental.com/insurance
  • Activities specified in tour (Surfing class, chocolate experience, Isla de la Plata tour., butterfly farm).
  • Souvenir Buff.
  • First aid kit
  • Support Truck for groups of 4+ riders
  • Snacks during the ride
  • Tolls
  • 25 lts. waterproof saddle bags and a hard top case with its own lock
  • Joe Rocket textile water resistant jacket
  • Waterproof touring gloves
  • Rain Tops (upper and lower body)
  • Touring trousers
  • Gasoline for you whole tour
  • Set of tire repair and maintenance tools
  • Guaranteed departure on date
  • Pick up / drop off from your hotel in Quito


  • Voucher for a security deposit using a major card is required.
  • Ecuador IVA tax (if you’re Ecuadorian).
  • Hotel accommodations before and after your tour.
  • Alcoholic beverages.
  • Tips and extras


USD $3825
USD 4090
USD 4090
USD 4435
USD 4522
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USD 4930
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USD 737,18

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